Realtor no show

what should be charged for a 300 job and 1hr weight

Do you have a “No Show” policy, and what exactly transpired?
You waited for 1 hour, and agent didn’t arrive? Was that agent your means of access?
Did you contact them (before, during after, etc.)?


No no show I let the costumer deal with realtor. All realtors give access unless the give me a code. Costumer had dates and time confirmed. Costumer texted when they got there no answer for 40 min so we left. I am wondering what other inspectors do

plural noun: costumers

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#1 You should confirm your next appointment ‘before’ you head that way.
#2 There is a lot of stuff you can do outside the house. Once you contact someone that is tardy, start outside.

Never start till you ontact someone (if no one is home), you may be at the wrong house, or are no longer going to inspect the property…

Lucky bugger. Wish I could get a day off.

thanks all for the great reply’s that was so helpful

Unless it is written in your Contract Agreement for a No Show fee, I personally would not charge. Just unfortunate cost of doing business sometimes. I personally would just have personal call to whoever held it up and have grace about it and hopefully when i screw up I will get grace in return.

I send confirmation email to Realtor and CLient listing unless I hear otherwise this confirms time, date, etc as well as expectations of each party in the email. I send that after getting order. The day before, I send text to Realtor confimring we are still on schedule.

Hope that helps. Peace Steve

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