Realtor rally colorado, March 8th 2011

Is anybody going to the Realtor rally on March 8th at the Denver convention center? Could I get some info on the booth? I would like to help man the booth and get some face time with some Realtors:).

We have a big CMI booth there. Contact Ron Huffman about getting in on it:

I talked with you briefly yesterday. We already have a CMI booth and 10 Colorado CMIs have already signed up as Featured Inspectors for the Colorado Realtor Rally on March 8 at the Denver Convention Center; I have not started to make calls today but I anticipate the number going up. Many of the CMI’s know the value of the Realtor Rally and already have their own own booth at the Colorado Realtor Rally so there should be a good chance to work in the CMI Booth as one of our Featured Inspectors.

You can Contact me a for more information or call me at 303-888-0744

Thanks for your interest; it will be a great show and you should be there.

Grab your knee pads boys and join the crowd!!:p:p

I am glad you decided to join the CMI Booth for the Realtor Rally; I think you will find it very rewarding.

Welcome aboard.:slight_smile:

The brochure of the Featured CMIs for the March 8 Colorado Realtor Rally has been completed!

Thanks to all of the Colorado CMI’s that participated and a special thanks to Jesse, Andy and Kate for their creative input to help make this happen.

Wow! That is awesome.

If anyone would like marketing for chapters or groups, contact us for personal designs as well as general marketing (booths, banners, facilitation, etc)