Realtor says to call them so they can assess your leaky basement

lolol thank you sir!

You’re welcome, Jim. :smile:

Wow! Now that is funny…Yep!

Anyone here ever written in a report… “Recommend Further investigation and repair by a licenced and qualified Realtor…” ? Anyone?

Kind of like …“Recommend Repair and or Replacement of your garbage disposal by a qualified and knowledgeable Member of Congress such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”:crazy_face:

Nope !
That is why I don’t usually comment on ludicrest questions.
That is funny however…Yep!
Imagine that …I’d have a hard time with it…Huh?
How about you?
The REA’s I’ve been working with for years would dump it on me…
That is what I’m there for…Yep!
And I would handle it very gracefully …Oh Yes!
Send me more…Yep!