Realtor Training

A couple weeks ago I had a broker ask me to do a one hour training class on the fundamentals of an inspection so realtors would stop wasting their time writing contracts on houses that were going to fail VA and FHA inspections. I agreed but I did not think much of until a District Manager of another office asked me to do a two hour training on the same thing. Has anyone ever done anything like this. I have an FHA inspection checklist but thats as far as IVe gotten .

Was a big time waster for me; I’ve done 2 of them with no success (a long time ago). If you’re hungry, go for it. Otherwise, I think there are better ways to market your business.

Ask the broker(s) to explain what they define as an “FHA Inspection”.

FHA mortgages require a home appraisal, they do not require a home inspection.

Many confuse the two and mistakenly assume that an FHA appraisal is a guarantee that the house is in good condition.

An FHA appraisal is for the lender, not the borrower.

The FHA does not currently have home inspection requirements.

I understand what an FHA inspection is and Im assuming all the realtors I will be speaking too understand what it is too.

Greg I am going to do because I am hungry and I need to market. I am just looking for some good advice on how to go about it.

Send me an email and I’ll send you an outline I used to use to market to used house salesmen.

and by hungry i mean hungry and passionate about this business and looking to become a force to be reckoned with in VA not hungry like i dont have inspections and i cant feed myself


It depends on your what business model is… most inspectors will bend over backwards for REA’s… my model has never been that nor will it ever…reason being that in a down economy you are screwed…which is why man HI’s are hurting now.

I have a few select REA’s that I work with and educate same…they are the ones that care more about their clients interest than the bottom commission.

Again, will this help your business model.