Realtors are funny?

I don’t know about the rest of you but I try to follow the code of ethics as much as possible. I don’t charge for the wind mit report until my client asks for it. I take the info while at the home inspection, I disclose the additional discounted price in my contract and explain that if the sale falls through - you don’t need the wind mit. I think that’s fair/good business.

The realtor I met yesterday doesn’t think so. She said she wanted the wind mit regardless of anything, that I should sell them to all buyers with every home inspection. I don’t think so. She said she was only trying to help me and my business. I don’t think so.

I her motto is let the buyer beware? I think so.

I tell folks my opinion when asked and sell them whatever they want. Who am I to say no to their requests. As far as what realtors say just smile and then pay them NO MIND. Unless of course you think you have something to gain by their ideas.

Charger more and tell them upfront that the wind mit and the 4 point are included.
Remember the charge more.
Most all SF homes I include the 4 point and no additional charge.
The wind mit is a whole different animal. If they request it up front another $50 gets included.
Simply because more paper work and more liability.
With the 4 Point you usually have all you need when doing the comprehensive home inspection anyways.
But, checking sheathing nails and the rest of the crap that goes into the mit…No ! It ain’t for free.

Remember when they think something is free it is called advertising. Very few things in this world are actually free.

You be the realtor and I’ll be the inspector.
A seasoned RE will know this.

Silly you, I think the realtor is right. Your client needs the WM for the insurance quote. Sometimes, the premium will be a determining factor in qualifying for the mortgage. Why leave money on the table anyway?