Realtors-I gotta vent!

Every once in a while it really ticks me off when a Real-a-tor acts like we are a necessary evil…potential “deal killers”…charging "outrageous prices and hiding behind our disclaimers.

They do not realize the liabilities WE assume on an inspection…they seem to forget THEY also have a Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

After all, we are not the only ones who drive around a lot…unlock doors…and fill in preprinted forms…know what I mean?

Thanks for listening my brothers!

Yeppers :slight_smile: I feel ya.

Do you feel better now?

Feeling warm 'n fuzzy…

Ted------The real professional Realtor’s know our business and knows our liabilities and they get it. BUT…the part time Real-a-tor who has to get his/her kids to school, soccer,hockey what ever has no time for us and thinks we are going to kill his/her one or two deals a year and make them late to pick up the kids …these are NOT PROFESSIONALS and don’t let their negative tornado of life get to you ! Inspect on my friend and vent anytime you feel fit ! :slight_smile:

Exactly correct Fred and so many around here are the part-timers that a a real pain to work with.