Realtors losing time and money on nice looking houses that have problems.

If I were a realtor I would have put together a plan a long time ago to cut out all the wasted time, money and bad feelings that their industry has to deal with. Do they really like the way real estate is marketed and sold? Why do some act so surprised and upset when a nice looking house is found to have problems? Have they never seen a house properly inspected?

It’s really frustrating to watch all this drama unfold when you have all the answers…:cool:

Pre-inspections. People and Realtors just don’t see the benefit. They could spend 2-300 for the best information and marketing tool available, but no. Let’s just throw it out there and gamble on the results. It nuts.

They know, they just want to intimidate you lolol Have you ever seen a perfect house?

Then the realtor is mad at you for finding defects…

They don’t want to know, so they can claim ignorance when something comes up. The problem is most HI’s are logical thinkers and clearly see the benefits of a pre-listing inspection. RE’s are more fuzzy in their logic, they get to the homeowner first who usually goes along with their recommendations and they would rather wait until the eleventh hour to deal the inspection findings large or small. Most would rather secure the listing first then worry about the details later.

What agents do not realize is that they are hurting themselves. It will not be too long when you will be able to purchase a home on-line, without an agent, and be able to save that 5 to 7%.

Agent numbers are dwendling, and there are many reasons why.