Realtor's Triple Play

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Phil Hinman (foreground) and Rick Koehler (background)

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Sorry Nanci, I didn't get a picture yesterday.

Dave Bush
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Thanks Nick!

The convention was very crowded and we all met a lot of people interested in what NACHi is about.

We got visits from the other acronyms and had pleasant conversations. mostly, about the NJ licensing law.

For those who have not done the convention thing it is also a great way to network with realtors as well as inform the industry about NACHI and what we do for the inspection and real estate community.

Dave Bush demonstrated the "findaninspector" website. The response to it from the realtors was great!

The NACHI booth was very professional and added a touch to our booth that some others were missing.

The air freshners provided by NACHI were a big hit as were the pens when we ran out of the air fresheners.

Along with the great help of Dave Bush, Rick Koehler and Nanci Hagarty, Jim Rizzolo helped out late yesterday and today and I would like to thank him for his time.

Thanks again for everyones help!

Phillip R. Hinman
President NJ NACHI