Realtors who stink

“Unfortunately, many agents operate in a manner consistent with everything negative with proverbial used car salesmen. They want the deal closed, regardless of the consequences to their clients”

no shtt there, yeah yeah…Not all

–Home Inspectors Under Scrutiny For Payments to REALTORS :-k :bandit:

Oh, between the 3, apparently they have 12 BBB complaints just in the last 36 months, go figure. great ethics & standards, way ta look out for the home buyers/sellers. same old crap in this country, say one thing-do something different, and seems to only get worse

i think we should bring back a form of capital punishment many christians and jews in America could appreciate…BEHEADINGS! yeah

we could have these beheadings up on a lil hill and have 5 numbered holes at bottom of hill and we could bet on which holes the heads will roll into!

you talk about fun shtt. and we could could put it all on Tv, on Sunday mornings,shtt, you`d have people skipping mass to watch this and, the kids would love it.

one more thing, have you ever been able to…sneeze and fart at the same time?

Can ya handle listening to a few fart jokes this morning?

State Prison Farms

How come when its us, its an abortion and when its a chicken, its an omelette? Are we so much better than chickens all of a sudden? When did this happen, that we passed chickens in goodness? Name 6 ways we are better than chickens?..See, nobody can do it. Know why? cuz chickens are decent people.

You dont se chickens hanging around in drug gangs do you? no... you dont see a chicken strapping some guy to a chair and hooking up his nuts to a car battery do you?

When was the last chicken you heard about that came home from work and beat the shtt outta his hen, huh? Doesn`t happen. Cuz chickens are decent people.