Rear addition at 1965 home

Read that as 1955 however this forum does not allow edit of title.

Need help on this one as I really struggled with my report comments on this one.
I recommended a contractor come out and give opinion immediately however can someone please tell me what comments you would have on the way this was put together.
Thank you for any helpful answers in advance.
Somehow inviting a river to the inside of a structure seems so wrong.
Obviously they had a enclosed porch at the rear in the past and the doors were the entrance to the basement .
The top picture shows the rear siding under the deck where the old stairs began.


To try and explain better that rear addition is built over the old basement stairs and part of top of the stairs is outside allowing water into the underside of the new addition where it flows down the stairs into the drain which is actually placed in front of those doors which lead to nothing but a wall now as the laundry room is on the other side.So the green door is nothing but drywall on the reverse side.
Here is a picture under the deck showing the top of those stairs.

I hope this makes sense. as all pics are below that addition at rear except for the under that deck view .

No opinions?

From what I see, something like this.

The construction of addition at rear of home over original basement stairway entrance is amateur and inadequate and was not constructed according to standard workmanlike practices. Water intrusion, unstable support post, wood to ground contact, all noted at time of inspection. Recommend a reputable, qualified, carpenter evaluate further and make all necessary repairs and/or replacement. Also to determine a method to prevent future water intrusion.

Done deal! :wink:

So if you open the green storm door, all there is is drywall? No framing in of the doorway? Or exterior siding, at least an exterior door?


Thought you may like that! :smiley:

Bob must have fainted!! :mrgreen:

Yeah ,under deck gutter system (very common) see them all the time.Who are you …Joe Peshi in Casino.:shock:

Those doors are surrounded by the crawlspace entered through a old window at rear of the full house basement .
I crawled to get to that area so imagine my surprise to see this area.
Also the corner of that crawl area I am showing has the catch basin part under the wall.
I agree with what Chris said and not so sure about the framing either plus I forgot to check for Tyvek.Called my client and made the suggestion for a good contractor to check it out before closing but I have never seen it done this way and as mentioned I doubt water running under siding and down closed off stairs into a drain at the bottom is acceptable.The room above is an extension of the kitchen so the space needs insulation and to be conditioned along with many other issues. Wish I could have just done a video on it and should have, as the rest of the home is video.I was just shocked at the time to see the space and how it was done.
Yes the other side of the doors is drywall with laundry there at back of regular basement .
To me this space is like a poor constructed enclosed porch but is part of the home upstairs.

Here is a look at the addition from inside the home.It starts at end of the kitchen area.

Did you see proof of permit and final CO? Non-permitted work of this extent and nature is a no-no, not nice to fool with city hall ;–))

Looks like one hell of an abortion to me.
Recommend a Licensed Contractor to fully evaluate the condition and repair to meet todays standard in renovation. :slight_smile:

How can so many things be wrong.?:wink:

What, you don’t like my “gutter” idea?!?!? :twisted::wink:

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Hi Marcel
I told the guy I would call with opinions from professional Inspectors.
So far we already know to have it evaluated but how would you have done it?
Would you have done something with that stair pit ?
Insulation is easy.
What about the framing and siding?

Yeah let me pass that on with a link to your contact info for all the Realtors in your area Jeff.:slight_smile:

Bob, it is hard to relate where those areaways are in the pictures.
One with plywood that is leaking water and the other with the screen door.
I can figure out that the door in the brick is on the original house, but where is the other and how are they both accessed?
Not enough of the whole picture to make a recommendation. :slight_smile:

Are you bidding on the fix or are you doing a home inspection? Report that it’s wrong and move on.

Hi. Linas, hope all is good.

I think Bob is just curious as to how it should have been done. I am sure he noted what he saw and moved on.

Hell, he might even get me to go over and repair it, I need the work. :mrgreen::wink:

As Marcel said. It’s difficult to comprehend the severity of it all in the few pics.

Off-the-cuff, I would say… pour concrete to raise the foundation at the doorway to match the existing foundation, frame off and finish/siding the doorway opening, tie the exterior draintiles together where the staircase is, fill in the staircase pit. Basically, make it so you would never know the staircase ever existed.


You could just go the cheap way and install flashing and gutters! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking along those lines Jeff, but too many things I cannot visualize without seeing the whole picture.
I am sure a good contractor could establish a scope of the work to make it right.
As is from the pictures, there are definitely some issues at hand. :slight_smile:

Agree, and the most difficult would be to tie in the drainage. They would need to breakup the concrete at the bottom of the stairs to get to it. Would not be fun working under the addition. May be easier/cheaper to just form and frame the wall, and fill the pit with a few yards of concrete. They could just pump it in. It could even go so far as using it as a base for floor support if needed.