Reason # 234 - Why Code Inspections are Meaningless

As a municipal inspector, I have been asked to take “baby steps” and try to “cooperate” with contractors and businessmen by city officials who are politically linked to them. In one instance, I resigned instead of “cooperating”. Most don’t.

My disappointment with this inspector is that he waited until he was laid off before reacting to this issue. One can only guess how a “neglected” house was able to be sold to someone and how much they knew of its condition.

AHJs are under a lot of pressure from many different directions and people die every day from things that the AHJ “approved”.

Home inspectors should not cite code or limit themselves to code in determining or describing a defective condition…nor should they or their clients rely upon approved permits as an assurance of quality. As you can see from this article, some AHJs can be pressured through the political system that they rely upon for a paycheck to make decisions that they know to be wrong. Add this factor to simple human error in observation or interpretation…and you have a lot of brand new and existing buildings that, while officially "approved, people should not be living in.

Also note how this AHJ didn’t report the issues until AFTER he lost his job.

Just an example on how licensing solves nothing, and only creates confusion and home buyer remorse.

This is really more about Corruption and scum bags rather than Licensing.:cool:

I agree. It has to do with “code” and how a consumer relying upon a code official’s determination that a home is safe to live in can result in death…because the guy who built it, or owned it beforehand, was a major contributor to the Mayor’s election campaign or connected to the political establishment some other way.

IMO, the building code should be consistent throughout an entire state and it should be enforced by people who are not under the direct control of local political figures.

The home inspection licensing bills that are presently before the Missouri legislature will do exactly that…but only at the point of sale. It would be even better to have such standards enforced at the time the work was actually being done.

You may want to rephrase what you just said after thinking about for awhile.:wink: