Reason #3214 Why MO Should License Contractors

Installing a television…or handling a domestic issue? You decide.

ooops only in america


That’s BS. He shot her through the wall on purpose and he’s simply using this method in an attempt to get away with it.

Why would any sane person (or Redneck for that matter) shoot a damn hole in the wall for an unmeasured bracketry attachment for a TV?

Brains or Mush?

Typical low class redneck…

What was pathetic is that good ole boy saying that it was an accident…which is BS.

An accident is spilling a glass of milk…to take a handgun whose purpose is for protection (or hunting) with the knowledge that such a weapon is deadly and furthermore that a bullet can travel over a mile and still be deadly is irresponsible AND criminal.

The minimum charge should be involuntary manslaughter…(only because he is a stupid dumbarse redneck)…otherwise it should be voluntary manslaughter.

I would have to live in that neighborhood with a bunch of sympathetic dumbarse for neighbors. I suspect the family tree does not fork very much.

So they can see themselves on Jerry Springer…