Recall involving of Clamp Meters by Fluke Corporation

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Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) reports of a recall involving 37x Family of Clamp Meters by Fluke Corporation.
The printed circuit assembly may not be properly fastened to the test lead input jack. This may result in inaccurate voltage readings, including a low or no voltage reading on a circuit energized with a hazardous voltage, presenting a shock, electrocution or thermal burn hazard.

See [FONT=Calibri]Products tab for specifics on the affected items (including additional photos).[/FONT]
Sold by: Several distributors sell these products throughout Canada including: Transcat, Grainger, Cole-Palmer, Westburne Supply, and others from September 2010 to October 2010 depending on the model (see Products tab).

**Corrective Action:**Customers are instructed to review whether the serial number(s) on their products fall within the serial number range for the recalled products. If so, customers should stop using the instrument immediately even if they have not experienced a problem. They are requested to contact Fluke and return their product for repair. The customer will receive instructions on how to return the product to Fluke at no cost.

For more information, please see Fluke’s website or call Canada: 1-800-363-5853. In addition, the customer can call the Fluke Customer Service Center for assistance.