Recall notice???

I have a GE power vent water heater .
It quit working Friday AM. Went down and could not get a response from the controller .
Unplugged it waited 2 minutes and Powered it up went through the set up and it worked for about 5 minutes then quit.
Did it again only waited 10 minutes and again it started and worked for 5 minutes . 30 min tried it again and it has worked OK since .
I went to a supplier with the white Control he said he thought there had been a recall last year on this .
I have not been able to find this on the net have you any info ideas on this .
Tank Serial #1108903250 mod GG50s06RVK item 984903205
Purchased Jan 2009 . I will be contacting Rheem on Monday
Any thoughts or ideas appreciated … Roy

There was a gas valve recall. That’s all I could find.

Who cares about a recall. It is only three years old… get your warranty honored!

I called Rudd and their service ladies are the best .
They speak clear and good volume ,
Went through the system with me and decided what was needed sent me the part via Purlator simple install took about 15 minutes and system has worked great since then .
Sent Spare clips screws and even a tork screw driver .
No charge .
They only Guarantee parts after 3 years no service .