RecallChek paying $10 toward your custom inspection brochures.

$10.00 towards-
Price:From $358.00 to $605.00

What a deal. :roll:

That’s the kickback ($10) for placing his Logo on 1/3rd panel of the back page. (Read the fine print). Why the hell would anyone spend that much coin to advertise a vendor? Use that space to advertise YOURSELF! Pay yourself the $10!

Nick is certainly going to extraordinary measures to protect and promote the services of one particular vendor above all others. I wonder why.

You are not alone.

Can you give me an example of where I am promoting the services of one particular vendor above all others? I post every InterNACHI-specific offer every vendor provides us, without charging them. I even promote offers that compete with InterNACHI’s products and services. There are about 600 vendors in our industry. Find one who says I’ve refused to promote their InterNACHI-specific discount or deal.

All I ask is that they use the advertising fees (that we don’t charge them), to make their deal sweeter for InterNACHI members. In essence, InterNACHI members collect the advertising fee… as they do again with this offer.

Of the 600 vendors in our industry, how many others (in addition to the one that is being promoted) were offered the opportunity to have home inspectors actually pay to advertise their services on the inspectors’ brochures?

The vender being promoted in this thread was not offered that opportunity either. He came up with the idea/offer on his own. What do you suggest I do? Not take the $30 for the members who want it?

So this vendor who offered to eat up two thirds of the back page of 5000 home inspection brochures to promote his products for the total amount of 20 (or .004 per brochure) is giving the inspector a good deal … how?

Who benefits from this other than the vendor?

Two responses:

  1. There are members who were already putting RecallChek on their brochures voluntarily. I would assume those members aren’t going to object to this subsidy.

  2. In just a few minutes you can do a little research and discover the hundreds of vendor offers, discounts, and deals that I’ve posted on this site over the years. I make no judgements about them because the message board does a way better job of determining and alerting our members about vendors, products, and services than I could ever. That’s one of the main purposes (benefits) of this message board.

You have provided many useful and worthwhile services through many other vendors over the years, Nick.

This particular deal, however, appears to greatly benefit the vendor much more than the inspector, IMO, as I pointed out. Some will agree with me and others may not.

Again, we are not talking about a logo or something small … but two thirds of a page of the brochure for only 4 one thousandths of a penny. (I had vendors paying me $250 per year, and more, for a single six word sentence with a link on my nine page real estate inspection website.) I’m just surprised that it escaped your usual sharp eye for good deals for inspectors.

Like you said, pointing out such things as this on the message board has been a great way of alerting members about vendors and products over the years.


Saved to be quoted/referenced at a later date! Thank you!

The vendor just now raised the subsidy to $20/each and lowered the ad requirement to 1/6th.

Nick you are dealing with the NACHI “Dark Forces” be careful or they may try and get you banned and force you to turn over all your financial records.:slight_smile:

Listen up guys…other vendors can do these type promotions as well but maybe Nathan decided to come up with this one.

What is your solution ?

Ban Vendors from coming up with offers that might benefit themselves in any shape or form ?

If this was Dom,John Ornery,Ben ,etc you several vendor stalkers would simply ““Sit and STFU””.

I find it ironic every single one of you that has whinned so far rail against “Nanny Government” yet seem to be trying to “Nanny Forum Police” on a daily basis.
Now please do the other 5,000 plus members a favor by sitting down and “STFU” :slight_smile:

I mean this is the nicest possible way of course…XOXOX

How many brochures did you order Bob?

I wonder if they would be complaining if other vendors like

Inspector Outlet
Pro Labs
Home Inspector Pro

were to have made the same offer.
Or is it simply because it was RecallChek.

It is because of the owner of recall check and his marketing tactics.

Few if any have complained about the RC product.

Ah another "Dark Force " super hero arrives to save us all…yikes !

ZZzzamm!..PPpow…PoP !

I ordered zero but that is not the point now is it ?

Just because you support the right if gay marriage does not have me suspecting you will be ordering that up as well.

Apparently I am the only true Libetarian Capitalist here.
Caveat emptor (pron.: /ˌkæviːɑːt ˈɛmptɔr/) is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”[1] (from caveat, “may he beware”, the subjunctive of cavere, “to beware” + emptor, “buyer”).

OK though because we have you guys to protect every one of us .

Hail the “Dark Force Legion” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to this open message board :D, a few hours after announcing the offer, the vendor essentially halved the space requirements and doubled the subsidies.

Go here:

Also … worthy of note … he did it without accessing the message board or exercising any rights of membership. :wink:

Instead of being “harmed” … it would appear that your claims of an actual perceived “benefit” to members can be achieved under such circumstances.

Who would have thought that?