Received strange email

I received this email last week. I think they were trying to get someone to give them a low ball inspection. Probably sent this to other inspectors in my area and never got that quote from an inspector. I sent them a reply telling them that that price was seemed too low(inspections are $325-400 around here) and to be careful in trying to get the lowest price. I also sent them a “Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector” form.
Has anyone else received emails like this? I changed the name and address.

I am looking for the gentleman who quoted my husband $265 for our home inspection recently. My husband is John smith and the house we were looking to inspect is 1313 Mockingbird Lane can someone contact me back ASAP? I need to schedule my inspection immediately. Thank you so much!!!

"Dear Mrs. Smith,

I regret to inform you that the inspector who quoted that price to you has left the business and no longer performs home inspections. He now owns and operates “Crazy Dave’s Denture Palace” where his one-size-fits-every-mouth set of false teeth sells for $49.

Good Luck.

J. Bushart"


Take the counter off your site. With only 384 views it looks like your brand new to the business.

“Dear Mrs Smith”

So glad you got back to me…I would be happy to inspect your prospective purchase of the outhouse located at the aforementioned address. An onsite analysis and report will be a checklist style report and will not include a contract. Please contact me so we can set up the appointment.


That would not be my response for real but come on!!! Ive got people advertising home inspections for $200.00 (up to 2500sqft) out here and until I educate the potential client a lil they still try to lowball. Good luck!!

Dear Mrs. Smith. It is I the H.I that quoted your husband a price on the inspection of a home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. I believe there was a mis communictaion.
The Quote supplied to your husband $265. Please be advised this quote was for inspection of the crawl space only. I would be more than happy to inspect the entire house including crawl space for $652.00. As I understand it is urgent we can schedule your inspection for tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. all you have to do is sign the contract I have attached and return it to me along with you payment. Thank you so much!!!

All good answers, but definitely take off the counter visit. Even though you may have just updated the website, it does not look good. 384 does say Newbie.

You could also say, unfortunately, that was a short time special price, time has expired. In other words “You snoozed you loose” and I am currently booked to the MAX :wink:

“Ahh, I’m glad you called back. When can we schedule?”

Counter has been removed.

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You should keep the counter if you want it! It’s a good tool to have for website analysis. Just start out at 5,000 or 10,000 or 100,000. So now when people go to your site, if you have 384 visits, they’ll see 10,384 visits, and you’ll be the only one that knows. Imagine that, you could be the busiest, most prominent inspector in your area??? In all honesty, I really doubt someone is really going to care and not hire you because you only had 380 or so visits on your site! Think about it, how many times have you looked at a counter? I can hear your potential clients now, Oh honey look, this guy has had 40 gazillion hits on his site, we’re hiring him for sure.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Gotta go, the kids are screamin! Hope all is well and best of luck!!