receiving your Lic. #

Does anyone know how long it takes once DBPR receives the appl. and requested info, before you receive a Lic. #

Only took me around 10 days. If your ducks are in a row and your info was all correct it should be pretty quick.

You can check your status at

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And if your ducks are in a row and they lose part of your info it will take longer.


Nick, how long for your lic.# question (lol) ?

I was laughing at

Anyway, we just got HouseMaster licensed and it only took a week. See post #77 in:

I think it all depends on how busy the DBPR is. IMHO, they are a little understaffed with all that is going on (grandfathering, licensing, SOP development, course approvals, school approvals, etc.)

The going rate right now is between 6 to 8 weeks - the last I heard from aplicants.
Some are much faster - but the average is 6 to 8 weeks right now.

Its only going to get slower - the DBPR is not going to add to staff for processing.
So once we get down to the last of February 2011 - no telling how long it may take.

Can someone point me in the direction to the anwser key for the practice exam?

Anyone? I remember it being posted here somewhere, I just cant find it

thanks again