Recent pageview comparison graph of 5 inspection trade associations by


AHHH where’s the competition???

It’s almost silly.

very nice

Not necessarily Mark. If you superimpose a trend line over 2007 data you see a 25% to 30% reduction over the year. I do not know what the vertical axis represents however. Yes, you can say this data (whatever it is) overwhelms the competition but, at the same time, it is diminishing. What’s up with that?

With Fewer Buyers Looking To Purchase A Home. Comes Fewer Seekers Of Our Services From The Internet. Thats Whats Up With That.

Fewer home buyers? When did that start?:wink:

OK, Lawrence, I’ll admit I walked directly into that one :slight_smile: but you’re missing my point. That is, that some like to tout the fact that iNACHI is the biggest, baddest HI website in the world. I don’t dispute that contention but by the same token there are some of us who feel the iNACHI website is not as friendly and appealing to the consumer as it could be. This site is designed for and used primarily by HI’s, not consumers looking for inspection information. Now that’s certainly just my opinion but I’ve not seen data to contradict it. I do seem to remember some discussion about a new website to address that possible issue though.

…and may it never change.

May NACHI’s site always be a source for HIs and may it provide nothing more for the public “looking for inspection information” than a link to my website.:wink:

And an argument can be made that the site doesn’t do a real good job of that for you. A 'Find an Inspector" search for your area shows you #15 on the list and I’m sure that if I were a consumer looking for an inspection I would never make it that far down the list before selecting another inspector. I do know how the 'Find an Inspector" and other searchs work so don’t lecture me on that please. :slight_smile:

I’ve got no complaints, Mike.

I know that some think that ASHI has such a “consumer friendly” site, but if it did in my opinion, it would get more traffic than it does.

We are not the only association with “hype”.

Me either, really.

Point taken.

Ain’t that the truth.

How can one “hype” a graph produced by

Futhermore, traffic from our other 4,500 sites aren’t included on that graph. If ALL our traffic could be included, it would be insane, but nevertheless, I’ll put 1 of our many sites up against the entire industry:

You can’t.

My site beats NAHI, and I’m not even trying to market outside my little area in Texas… LOL…:slight_smile:

Not too bed… Congrats.