Recent trip to London.

Happy New Year fellow members!

I thought I would share this InterNACHI-Québec communication to our members with others across the forum.

We are just back from a week spent in London, England. The purpose of our trip was to meet with several insurance syndicates affiliated with Lloyd’s of London, the uncontested world leader in insurance since many centuries!

We were seeking a better professional liability (i.e.: errors & omissions) insurance package not only for members of InterNACHI-Québec but for all InterNACHI members across Canada and this even if our plan is the best right now! A force of about 1,700 members represents an excellent opportunity and as such we retained the interest of 6 insurance syndicates who, we feel, will extend offers to us!

The opportunity to negotiate “at the very top” is of a sure value, as all major deals originate at Lloyd’s! This is how your Executive works for you!

Our next Training session will be held in March and we invite you to let us know what subjects you would like to cover.

May we take the opportunity to wish you and yours, all the very best in 2017 and especially a lot of inspections!


Gilles Larin


Best to you


Gilles, as per our conversation at the weekend, here’s another kick at the can to get the information we so need for the underwriters to write correct cover. It’s designed for Canadian Inspectors only, and we will share the results with you for your endeavours.

Gilles, much appreciate your effort in this field.

Best regards.

Thanks Gilles it is things like this that help Make NACHI a great organisation .
Hope your effort helps us all .
Much appreciated … Roy

So far only 8 replies, with only 6 giving insurance info. I’ll keep you posted Gilles.