Receptacle location?

How close can an exterior GFCI protected receptacle be to a sillcock?

Code please

I’ll post a picture this evening

They can be touching eachother. There is no separation requirement. . .

I would add that the covers for exterior receptacles are normally listed as being suitable for rain. This may not make they suitable for direct spray from an exterior spigot, however.

Thanks for the replies from both of you
I did note that a wet exposure cover is now required

Good call. That looked a little close for me. I have never seen them that close before.

That’s also a horizontal cover used in a vertically mounted receptacle. Even if you would buy off on a regular weatherproof cover, that’s the wrong one.

there is the possiblity that the cover in the picture was installed before the advent of inuse covers. It is not a violation, but it is close to the spigot, which could be because of the access in the basement.