Receptacle vs Plumbing drainpipe clearances

Seams a little close to me but I cant find information regarding clearances for a Receptacle and a drainpipe. Your thoughts?

As long as the conductors within the box and the device are accessible it’s not an issue. The presence of water within the pipe does not create a code violation.

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Sounds good to me! Thanks Roberts.

It looks as if the upper plug inn is to close to the drain that it could not be used, is that something that could be mentioned regarding this drain line and receptacle box, Maybe it is not an issue but just as a notable mention. If that is the case and it could not be plugged into I think I would have mentioned it because I would not want the buyer to think they have another place to plug into but they really don’t. It is just a thought I am not saying this is what to say or do.

This how I describe the situation.

“The discharge pipe garbage disposal is in close proximity to the receptacle. The drainpipe is coving or blocking the upper section of the cabinet receptacle, use or servicing the receptacle maybe difficult and could involve removing the drainpipe, etc Monitor the garbage disposal drainpipe for any signs of leaks.”
Thanks Greg for the feed back.

Absolutely, Greg. :smile:

So … say anything about the glob of spray foam on the bottom of the sink?

I guess it is one way to help stop the echo from a thin, cheap (err … less expensive) stainless sink.

Interesting as well.

You are joking, right?

George, can you be more specific?

Some areas newer standards now require GFI under sinks.