Receptacles mounted under windows

I found several receptacles mounted below windows and am unsure whether to call this out. It’s a 150 year old home. The obvious issue would be if the window were left open during a rain storm.

Not a problem, just move on.


Stupid looking. The NM wiring should not be exposed. Check the box for exposed openings. Looks much different from what I envisioned in your first post.


I’d call that an improper receptacle install and location.
Any upgrade to window trim could create a hazard to that NM wiring if not careful.

Thanks Bob, couldn’t get that photo uploaded for some reason.

Ok, much appreciated, Marcel.

Yes, narrate NM wire subject to damage, is what I would do.

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I agree, the issue is the exposed NM cable they may be subject to physical damage. The location is not a code issue.


Thank you Larry.

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Thanks Robert.