Recession hits everyone

These poor people could barely get the cash together to purchase this $7,200,000. We have hit hard times in Naples, Florida.

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That is the problem overpriced in Fla, Ca Az in Oklahoma that is about a 2 million $ home. That is why folks from Ca are selling their overpriced shacks for big bucks and moving to Ok and buying mansions see it all of the time.:D:D

And bringing the earth quakes with them. :smiley:

Yeah and they could quit that chit:roll::roll:

OK has to have the worst weather in the US! Floods, Fires, Drought, 'Nadoes, and now quakes. No wonder the house prices are low.

Naples scenery is tough to beat.

This is the beautiful indoor pool of a home last week I inspected outside of Chicago. Pools in general aren’t the norm here. Almost 14,000 sq-ft single family home. 8 baths, 8 heating sytems, :shock:

I had one in Burr Ridge that was about 10,000 s.f. with an indoor pool. Stucco walls and ceilings and a dedicated HVAC/humidity control are the key. I had one in Will County that had drywall and no dedicated HVAC which was in a legal dispute with the builder for obvious reasons.

This was a beautiful home in Glen Ellyn. Between 4 of the systems there were 11 zones; you can see the 2nd kitchen in the background of the pool. I did this over 2 day.

I’m sure there are a few HI’s in FL that would inspect that for $200. They are so good, they can finish that inspection in about 2 hours. ](*,)

Like Charley said $1.5 to $2 mil in KC.

In these harder times we’ve all had to start playing a different game.

I’m no longer doing a whole lot of huge mansions, but I’m doing more and more large but run-of-the mill houses for less $$$$

But it keeps the doors open

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Just inspected 20million $ home in Miami Beach

Miami Beach