Recirculating T/P valve

Today’s inspection: My client’s father in law (retired union boilermaker) was at the inspection, I get to the hot water heater and we looked at each other shaking our heads. All cpvc is piped to the t/p valve. This one was a beauty,and unfortunately a typical Pike county PA inspection. I also probably prevented an electrical fire in the attic this winter (in electrical section), septic field saturated with >50 gal. introduced to the system, and the realtor asked me to fax a copy of the phic compliance statement … I’m sure I will get a call Monday when they see the iNACHI PA compliance form sitting in their fax machine. :mrgreen:

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199 Ridge Drive Gold Key_10_12_08Pics 085.jpg

199 Ridge Drive Gold Key_10_12_08Pics 080.jpg

Your right Chris, just a beautiful sight. Like reducing the CPVC to 1/2" too.

PHIC compliance statement?