Recommend Repairs

How often do you guys/gals run into a similar situation. I inspect a property and do a pool inspection. The metal pool fence 3 feet from the pool is not bonded, I call it out as a defect.

I do an inspection with the same Realtor about a week later and she tells me the “electrician” that came to do some of the repairs at the aforementioned house told her the metal pool fence did not have to be bonded. As RR would say time for some education.

I pull out my Codecheck which paraphrases the 2003 IRC and point out the code to the Realtor 4104.1. I then point out that I am a State Certified HI and my Cert # and my signature are in all of my written reports. As she is a new Realtor I mention that when “Trades People” tell her about code related or other pertinent issues she would be well served to get their professional opinions/recommendations in writing, because some times the tune changes when asked to put pen to paper.:slight_smile:

I’ll second that motion.

I have see too many trades people, and some are Owners that do not have a clue and made me wonder how they have been in business for so long. I imagine the they are good B.S. Artist, but like you said, when it is time to put in writing, they back off.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good one BK

My answer: “Does your client want the fence bonded?”

Then, “make it so #1”!

I agree with the education part, need to have it in writing like you said your license and signature, your liability of course if it is in the report listed as wrong… Oh well agent will have that one come back to bite them if it comes down to a lawsuit.

I learn so much reading this board, all these things to remember