Recommendations for Getting Started

I am working through pre-licensing and I’m a good way through that. As I prepare to finish that and study for the national exam, I’m really wanting to know how to get more exposure to home inspections.

I don’t really have any experience in the industry. I work full time at a bank currently and its definitely not something I want to do long term. I’m also a full time student working on my bachelor’s in business management- but that’s all beside the point. I would really appreciate if anyone had any feedback or suggestions on how to proceed. I don’t really know of any apprenticeships near me (I live in the Oklahoma City area) but if there’s anything that could help me get experience I would really appreciate it.


Ethan Stalcup

Why Home Inspections?

Call an inspector that is about 100 miles from you ask if you pay him would he take you out on any Saturday inspection he has .
Be prepared to pay about min of $50.00 an inspection .
Why I say go a long way to an inspection as many local inspectors do not want to train their completion .
send me email with your phone # if you want to talk Wish you well all the best Roy

Let me tell you from experience! It is not easy! when you get your license don’t think you’ll just get inspections landing on your lap! It won’t happen. You have to fight tooth and nail for every inspection and market the hell out of yourself and realtors are real stubborn they don’t like newbies and stick to their guy’s no matter how much better you are or think you are. But having said that it’s a game of winning them over one inspection at a time and being really patient and diligent with open houses and marketing. If your any good you’ll win them over one by one and then you’ll find they’ll use you everytime. My first year was brutal but be patient and you’ll get your inspections and be careful what you wish for,3 a day will make you sweat. Just my experience so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It seems like some of these questions should have been asked BEFORE starting the process.

That said, the answer is read every thread in this section: