Recommended Inspection Software

Software / billing recommendations for new home inspector. Looking for something user friendly and realtor / buyer approved. Is there a all in one home inspection software that has accounting/ billing included? I have no idea where to start but I don’t mind paying more for something that would make my life much easier in the field. Thanks!

Check with Jeff Pope’s software. If I wasn’t retired that is what I would be using.

And, Joseph, welcome to our forum…where there are no stupid questions…enjoy! :smile:

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I would suggest Reporthost. The template is without issues associated with traditional software, it’s an off-site hosted platform and the narratives are a great basis to add upon. Just my two cents. I’m also of the mind that the only thing you should be concerned with is the taking of data in the field. Let the photographs determine the areas of concern and apply them to the template and proceed with report writing when you have other tools such as the internet which I often copy and paste links into the subject areas. First ten reports are free to Internachi members. Then you can pay per report and skip the investment! They update the template and no further costs or headaches.

Actually, for InterNACHI members it’s 15 free reports!

Particularly in this time where business is uncertain, pay-as-you-go is attractive.

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Hello Mark. I’m see you are still active on the forums. I stop in on occasion and lend my insights when I feel it’s of value. Hope you are well. Trying my hand at recording music with DAW these days. It’s a new discipline for me. I’ve been a musician since studying jazz in college in the mid seventies. It’s a bit of a learning curve to record on computer. Lots of new plugins to explore. More of a tactile approach in the earlier days. Gotta have good hobbies in these times… Best

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Hey Scott… glad to see you are still on top of things. Your program is hands down the best I’ve encountered. Top quality photo uploads and customizing of the templates makes report writing a breeze.

I just spoke with internachi and they do not have or give 15 free reports.

Welcome, Joseph have fun and enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:

InterNACHI isn’t the authority on whether ReportHost gives 15 free reports to InterNACHI members.

I can assure you that we do.