Reconstructing model number

I have changed out my furnace with a new 97% efficient York. After getting the paperwork for a possible rebate from the gas company, I found out they required the model # and make of the old unit, which disappeared 5 minutes after taking it to the curb.
This much I know:
The nameplate said only “Plus 80” no brand name
It was a 75,000 BTU nat. gas, upflow, single 3" flue outlet, (no PVC), induced draft, 2 ton blower cap., single speed, model number began with “NUG…”, smart gas valve (1/2 inch inlet), cabinet width about 15 in., length about 30 in., height about 42 in., single stage, date on blower housing was 1991 or 2. No LED diagnostics.
I recall shopping for a blower last year and finding that the model number led me to Intercity Products. I tried using the model number decoder at
to reconstruct the model number using the Intercity Products table but couldn’t get one made that would work for parts searching.
Is it possible to reconstruct the number? I’ve searched and searched but couldn’t locate a source of makes that used the Plus 80 designation

Plus 80 was usually a Bryant
If you live in a Development, check with a neighbor that may still have original equipment.