Rectifying door frames

Maybe you people can help me on this. For the last few months the frames of my doors are being damaged possibly by the ants. They have developed holes in them and I am afraid they might fall off. I have seen these ants to unearth the cement and enter through the wood which I admit surprised me very much. But now I need to find a way out of this, tell me what can I do?

The firsrt thing you should do is call an exterminator. Then assess the property damage and call around to several contractors to get your frames fixed.


Carpenter ants can not thrive in a dry area. This door trim area you are referring to is a moist area. Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture.

Get rid of the moisture by diverting it elsewhere, replace the damaged wood, keep this area dry and the carpenter ants will not return.

See this web page.

My natural first response is to use a rectifier, but that is not helpful now is it?

Check this out

Demand. get a hold of a good general pest company had have them apply a product named DEMAND. This the best stuff on the market today.

Then fix your door.