Red comments

I want my red comments to be red under the pictures in the generated report. Is this possible?


Seems like a given it should be that way.

That would be nice feature to have.

But I’d be happy if Dom could ever figure out how to be able to switch a commend from black to red on the desktop version.

This will be done shortly, almost on the top of the list.

Hmm, first time anyone has asked for that. You can change the caption color and font across all pics but not per pic. Wouldn’t that be a bit redundant with the red summary comment right above photo and then again under it? I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind your thinking.


I don’t think it is redundant to want red comments be “uniformly” red throughout the report. Imagine 10-12 pics of a basement and partial crawl with general maintenance comments under some, monitor situation comments under some, and red comments under some. The summary is no longer on the same page as the client and agents are scrolling through.

I just think it would be easier for the client. I think it would be “uniform”. I never understood why it wasn’t that way to begin with but also realize it’s not the end of the world. Just my two cents. Sounds like it’s gonna be wayyy down on the list :neutral:

The easiest answer to that is that it was never that way because in the last 12 years, no one has asked for it! HIP’s features are user driven. The more than people request something, the higher up our list it goes!

In the mass majority of the reports that I see the caption comment is a shortened version of the actual report comment (i.e. recommendation has been removed). That’s probably why it hasn’t been asked for before. I’ve added it to our tracking system though!

You are both correct. More a matter of personal taste I guess.

I also use shortened comments in RED. Why? So there are not a lot of RED all over my report since it would look ugly but also diminish the importance of the RED comments.

However, I can see the point of the OP. Uniformity is generally good. Once the update in HIP is made I will compare it with how I normally do my reports it to see what I ultimately think.