Red glow behind camera buttons

I have the i5 and noticed that there is a red glow behind the buttons when the unit is off, even sitting overnight. Is this normal? If it is, what is constantly running and draining my battery?

Call Flir.


The cameras never shut off.
If you have a low battery, be sure you charge it when you get back to the office or you will end up destroying the battery. $150 to replace the battery. there is an internal battery to save settings and it must be replaced at the factory. If you don’t use a charged battery to maintain these settings, you will drain your battery before it’s time.

It is the manufacturer’s opinion that this battery will be replaced when you send it in for recalibration. How many people here intend to recalibrate their camera? Enough said.

Oh come on David, they have $1495 worth of camera and $500 worth of training I am very sure they respect the NIST’s calibration worth.