Red Stains on Floor

There are red stains on the vinyl floor of this bathroom near the toilet and the shower. The areas measured dry at the time of inspection. What could cause red stains? When I see active plumbing leaks underneath vinyl they are usually brown or black. Could this be a water leak? Cleaning products? Thanks in advance for the help.



I took a c.e. class from a state DEQ educator on how to spot clues that the house has been used as a meth lab. One of the red-flags is Iodine stains everywhere, but especially near sources of water. You’ll usually see excessive corrosion of drain pipes in the areas where they are making the stuff as well.

Look for a white sillouette of a body drawn near the red stains…

The red stains look like there were rugs at each location.
I see rounded corners where the rugs layed.
It could be a stain in the wax. Scraping would reveal if it was in the wax layer only.

Many times the rugs used in bathrooms, kitchens have a rubber, non-skid backing that has chemical reaction to the vinyl flooring sheet goods. Sometimes Ive seen reddish discolorations and sometimes it is a yellowish or brown. If it matches the outline of a rug that is usually the culprit. It happened in my own new home and I know for certain no one here has a meth lab, although that is very helpful and good information to have in the back of an inspectors mind. Thanks.

I concur… that is what it looks like…

I have yellow staining on my floor, from my bathroom rugs. Looks the same to me, just diff color.

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Red rugs.

Some vinyl flooring is notorious for soaking up the color dye from rugs, especially if one doesn’t wash the rugs before putting them down. One of the first things that property renovators learn to do at an open house is to lift all the rugs to see if there is concealed damage or stains.

I concur with the “Red Rug” syndrome.

Just call CSI, they will do the " Q-tip changes color test "to make sure it’s not blood! ( just joking,) it’s probably from a rug like others have said.

If you probe it with a moisture meter you will find that it is a leaking wax ring around the toilet. the stain is due to moisture and glue creating a chemical reaction with each other. It will often be purple in color as well.

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