Redneck saferoom

Just another kitchen in the grand old mobile home. Once opened it led to a large storage room. A great place to hide. :smiley:

where is the liquor cab.? it can be many hours b4 help arrives after a disaster.

I have seen these as “grow rooms”
any additional ventilation, heating or lighting timer controls?

No just some shelfs

Walk in pantry. Guys have to store food for the winter somewhere.

so just a pantry closet?

I have a large walk-in pantry in my kitchen, hidden behind a large cabinet door. Tour some new homes every once in a while to see different designs, appliances, etc. You will run accross them in the future.

he’s a prepper and need to store food for the apololypse

Yeah should help lots when the planet splits in two.:roll:

At least he will die “fat”. :stuck_out_tongue: