Redoing a foreclosure, preparing for elec. inspection

I’ve got a foreclosure that I’m slowly redoing. Before the electric company comes over to turn the power on, they want an inspection done (power was off for over a year). I have not personally messed with the wiring (too much) but there are a few concerns I have.

The previous owner seemed to have moved the breaker panel from the bathroom to the living room (shared wall). Only one cable was lengthened inside the panel (using wire nuts and tape). Some of the pvc jacket which felt short at the panel holes appears to be shrink tubed (abrasion protection). I can’t see any evidence of joints inside the shrink tubing.

The only issue I see with the above is that the wire dropping from the attic into the box is a bit disorganized/overlapping, but it’s tight and hot up there so it’s understandable.

I took down two built ins and a utility closet that had wiring running to them, these dropped from the ceiling (from junction boxes) to light switches and bulb receptacles, and another set fed an electric range and an outlet. Can I pass inspection if these are merely wing nutted/taped and not allocated to an appliance/socket yet? It seems like wiring hanging from the ceiling even if properly insulated would be considered sketchy.

Alternatively I could pull the wiring and terminate/bypass at the boxes altogether and get rid of the wiring, I just wanted to have the option of reusing the existing set up.

Same question with a few ceiling fans I pulled, currently with twist ons. Don’t know if it’s best to leave as is, or install a bulb socket.

The house also was pre wired (before I bought) for electrical heat (240v), however two rooms (including bathroom) are missing heaters (wire sitting there w/twist ons).

So it seems to me like a few places would be like ‘rough in’, but don’t know if I could get approval and/or power on. Obviously any and all of the work beyond my scope will be handled by a pro, just hoping to get ahead of it all.

Any and all advice will be appreciated

All wiring not allocated needs to be properly terminated in covered boxes and must be accessible (not covered over with drywall, etc). Best to have a licensed electrician come in and give the entire home a good going over.

Thank you for the quick response. I suppose surface mount boxes are acceptable? I’ll need to remove them once I size/decide on the base board heaters. Same deal w/ceiling wiring, can I just push the length into the attic and terminate into a low profile saf-t-pan junction box?

Again, thank you

The box needs to be the appropriate size for the number and size of conductors.