Reduce Word doc

Found a nice program to reduce a Word doc. file.

Reduced 11.5MB to 2MB and it still looked good
when converted into PDF.

Try fully functional trial version 10 times free.


Most of the size in our reports comes from high definition pictures. When in Word if you right click the picture and go to the “Format Picture” option, “Picture” tab there is a “Compress” function. You can tell it to compress that picture or all pictures in the document. I’ve always seen a 90% decrease in .DOC file size and the pictures are not affected quality wise.

No, I’m not a professional secretary. I just lucked onto that one day while trying to compress a 12MB .DOC report so I could convert to .pdf and send to client via email. So much for MicroScrew’s original concept of making Word user friendly. I can never find what I need until several hours of hunting or just lucking into it.

I tried it but I could not get it to do anything.

Oh well… my new program works well…:mrgreen: