Reduced return air duct

What do you do when running a return air duct and something gets in the way? Look what these people did.

The return air grill is in the ceiling and runs through the attic to the return air closet. They then used duct board to finish the duct bringing the return air to the air handler. One problem - there is a breaker panel in the closet, so they cut down the size of the duct to less than 50% and “squeezed” the duct around one side of the panel.

It makes you wonder what some people are thinking.

I guess that’s bad for the furnace, but how in the world would a guy ever work on that panel? Not me, brother.

I see at least four things seriously wrong with that picture.

Tell anyone who put it there to move it! :slight_smile:

You can move electric stuff with no ill effect. You can not move air duct without ill effect. Who came first on the job? Electrical, but they need to know enough to keep out of the way. By the way, that is the GC’s job!

What came first the chicken or the egg:neutral: