Reelfoot lake

Are close to my house. Reelfoot lake, fairly nice view. Threatened by a couple of legal battles, as well as getting shallow in places. Vegitation taking over, etc… The swamp part in U.S. Marshals with Tommy Lee, and I believe Denzel was filmed here.

Oops, forgot pics.

reelfoot lake (1).JPG


reelfoot lake.JPG


Reel beauty, Ben.

Invite me down for fishing?


That was formed when the Tennessee river changed its mind after the earthquake, right, Ben?

Yes was formed naturally. There are law suits saying that one family owned the majority of the land under it. I beleive they have recently been settled out of court.

Will ,come on down. I don’t personally fish , but I have a lot of frineds that do up there. One guides part time. The motels are cheap, food is good, and many people from illinois, and michigan come down during fishing, and duck hunting.

It was the mighty Mississippi, not the Tennesse River.

As my Dad says, right pew, wrong church!