Referal advertising

Have you ever used a referal service like Service Magic how successful was it and whom do you recommend?

Lots of people seem to use it in St. Louis. However, when I called looking for a good Mold Inspector the system irritated me I don’t like to wait for call backs so I moved on to the next guy. Number one reason why I won’t use the service for my own company. I always answer all my calls.

I currently use Service Magic. But frankly the jury is still out. One problem I have with them is that people may just be crious about something. So they enter a request this happens most for mold leads). If I manage to get them on the phone they turn out not to be serious.

For home inspection the leads seem more serious. But they do tend to be tire kickers. Looking for a lowball price.

Biut like most everything your mileage will vary. One thing you will want to do is be prepared to respond fast to the leads as they send them to 2 others as well. Sometimes being fastest will get you the job.

You must be talking about Service Tragic!!!

I really do not like the fact that they send the lead to 3 people, who are all being charged the same price for the service.
I was involved in the past with a call list service like this and some of the leads were outdated, or the people needed assistance 3 months ago.

Do a search as this has been discussed a million times.
In general I get enough price shoppers and will be glad to let the other guy have this type client.


That and I found a large number of my calls were from people needing work done to their homes like deck installation.

I use S/M for both my construction and my inspection companies with good success. As Don said, you need to reply fast and I have found with inspections you really need to engage the client and sell your service.

I have made enough from S/M leads to justify the expense. Peter has it right. Respond fast (you can get it referred to your cell phone). And yes you do need to engage the client but that’s a given as far as I’m concerned.

Keep in mind that people are really only want to know 2 things. First is what’s in it for them and 2nd is How much. You build the what;s in it for them by finding out what concerns them and showing them how your service addresses their fears. So when you tell them how much they can see the value.

I’ve used a inspection call intake form for years. I got this when I first started inspecting for a large inspection firm in the 90s. The Building Inspector of America, anyone heard of them? Anyway, this form allows me to ask questions about the client and property and helps to start a conversation with them. At the end of the form is where I have my prices and by then they’ve have the chance get get to know me a little. This form has been great for landing inspections, especially the tough one’s from S/M.