Reference for clearances

I am making some references for specific areas.

Like wood burning stoves, stairs, railings, fireplace hearths, chimneys, overhead wires, joists notching & drilling.

I know I should remember the clearances but I have ADD and can only remember certain things.

I have gone to church for many years and you think I could remember the every week prayers that I have said so many times. I can only remember the Our Father. Same with inspections. I can remember baluster clearances but forget many others like step rise & run.

Thats why I ask the same questions like Bonding & Grounding. Can,t comprehend some times.

I miss spell the same words all the time. Thank god for spell check!!

I appreciate your patience and also try to thank people that respond to my posts.

So my question is what other numbers should I make references for?

make your self a guide in a note book start with in the same place on every job,write it down. you need to be the best note keeper that you can,then use your notes untill the facts get stuck in the old knoggen.I require evereyone that works for me to keep such a note pad and I check it occassionally ,a good source of accountibility

What was the question… I forgot. :slight_smile:



Have your Ginkgo Biloba pills run out again?


Start with a Code Check Book.

David .everytime you see info of interest you can make a note of it in seconds with this new widget from Google.
This will help you store info and recall it with almost nothing but a thought.
To help explain this is a link to a wiki definition.