Strange Big time reflection in this image tell me where it is and I will post the digital

Hmmmm, foil faced insulation reflecting a heat source.

Looks like the back of the panel is reflecting the image of the SEC’s at a main disconnect. Almost looks alphabetic. Very cool image.

Enid, OK ;-)))

Enid, OK

well you asked…

Very good…:mrgreen:

Jeez that did not take long whoofed down a late supper and whalla Scott has the answer. The leads at the main breaker appeared to have 4 leads not the case.

I noticed the reflections as I was shooting the panel and no matter where I stood could not remove the reflection

4207 Legacy Enid 3-1-11 038.jpg

I understand Enid Ok but the key word is **in **the image

Be a good Field Assignment presentation for your Level Three, Charley—:stuck_out_tongue:

But then he won’t be able to inspect houses! :frowning: :wink: