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Can everyone tell me their favorite books, references, or resources regarding home inspection other than this web site?


Download free from the front page of

How to run a successful home inspection business by the founder of Rick Gromicko.

I went to AHIT for school and they had a good library that I still go back to sometimes. If you want building science I subscribe to The Journal of Light Construction, Home Energy, Energy Smart Homes, and Green Builder. I also have a book I love published by Building Science Press called Builder’s Guide to Mixed Humid Climates by Joseph L Stiburek; you need to get one for your climate zone though. I’m in climate zone 4 in TN.

I also use an app called Construction Instruction, it’s great for new construction. I use it all the time to send my new construction builders animations, specs, ect…


We are all here to help each other out. Over the years, I have had hundreds and maybe even thousands of Home Inspectors, help me in 1 way or the other. In a short period of time, I am going to throw a lot at you (for your benefit). There are a lot of good resources to help you, on how to properly perform a Home Inspection. This book, is 1 of my favorites. A Home Inspector in my area, wrote a book called: Inspecting A House. You may even find “Inspecting A House”, at your local library. For over 25 years, I have read books from my local library on anything from A-Z, when it comes to issues concerning a house / property. You may want to consider doing this, as well.

InterNACHI has it’s own version of a Home Inspection Encyclopedia called: Inspectopedia. ASHI and NAHI have their version of a Home Inspection Encyclopedia called: InspectAPedia. You can always watch InterNACHI’s Home Inspector TVprograms, and always learn more at Home Inspection University. Since you are just getting started, I recommend that you watch the Home Owner Series on YouTube. There are good articles found in The ASHI Reporter, as well.

Take all of your required InterNACHI courses and then some. Get familiar with terms and definitions found in InterNACHI’s Home Inspector Glossary. For a quick reference, on your computer, you may want to consider going to your files and creating folders / sub-folders, for storing certain information (pertaining to that area). An example might be “How to determine the furnace age” and save it under the HVAC file / sub-folder.

I also recommend learning from other Home Inspectors.Message boards that you may want to consider viewing / joining:
InterNACHI Message Board
The Inspectors Journal
Inspection NewsThe Home Inspection Forum for Home Inspectors

I am rushed for time today, or I would help more. Take the advice from the other Home Inspectors, here and learn from what they have to say. I cannot thank Nick Gromicko, the InterNACHI staff, and all of my InterNACHI brothers and sisters enough. I’d like to end on my end by saying thanks, to all of the Home Inspectors, who have helped me throughout my years as a Home Inspector. Thanks for believing in me. I have received criticism and praise throughout the years and I’ve become a more knowledgeable Inspector.

I wish you much success Peter and welcome to the greatest Home Inspection Association, in the world. Take care and be safe.

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Thanks everyone for the information and taking the time to respond, it will be a great help.

Dr. Keith Swift. If you do not read his books for the operation of your HI business, you most likely will not succeed.