Refresh my memory

Beam pocket in a crawl space, 5 2x12’s covering a 12 foot span, beams are not treated, and are in contact with the concrete block wall.

The beam not being treated is not an issue…you can be as close as 12 inches to the ground and not be treated with a girder…being in contact with masonry is a different story.

Hi. Mike;

The IRC only mentions that bearing should be at least 3" on masonry.

But ideally, the standard would be like this;

Beams and girders must be adequately attached to supports, and should be tied together across supports if they are not continuous members. Beams and girders must be preservative treated if entering exterior masonry or concrete walls without a minimum 1/2" air space on top, sides and end, or if closer than 12" to exposed soil.

This would also indicate that a PT plate be installed under the beam in the pocket or a steel bearing plate.

Because of the moisture being wicked in from the masonry, over the years, the wood grain softens up and collapses slightly at the bearing point.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: