Refund Policy For Credit Card Orders?

What is your policy for appointments that are
canceled and a credit card refund has to be

How do you set your rules considering:

1- Credit Card Bank charges you for processing initial payment
and a full refund means you have lost that money.

2- Once the appointment is set… others must be turned
away and when the Client cancels… you have lost the ones
you turned away.

3- Person answering the phone, processing order, and processing
the refund has to be paid for their time and services.

give them a credit with your company. 0 refunds. if they used another inspector tough, some one they know can use their credit. if they changed their mind about the house for what ever reason they will still need an inspector

Gee. Something I had not comsidered until I saw this post.

How about a non-refundable booking charge to cover costs and company credit only if cancelled less then 24 hours before. Of course I suppose if you want to be totally honest only refuse to make the refund if you did in fact lose a booking becasue of their canelled inspection.

I Know both my dentist and my doctors all bill me if I blow them off or cancel within 24 hours so it’s not unheard of. But if they can fill the appoimntment (which they often can) then they don’t bill me for the miss. But I think a cancellation fee is fair if costs are incurred.

Cancel within 24-48 hrs. minus a booking fee, no returns after that set time period. Whether you can book the time or not. Only allow exceptions for proveable cbc.

This is what I came up with…


No Charge To Reschedule Appointments (if possible).
10% Processing Fee For Cancellations And Refunds.
For Questions Please Call Our Office 8am - 5pm:**

I’d charge a flat fee. It gives clients more of a sense of fair play. Everyone pays equally.

What is your time frame? Anytime, 24 hrs, 48 hrs?

Just like Lowes and Home depot, store credit only:D

opps 666

Make sure you have that in writing on your contract. If they want to dispute the charges, they can, and if you dont have it written into your contract, they stand a good chance of having the charges reversed.

When a person cancels, most of the time a contract was never
signed or even seen yet. As long as it is written on your
web page where they make online payments… should be enough.

100% refund…no questions asked.