Has anyone bought a Certified refurbished thermal camera directly from Flir? They sell them at a big discount and they come with the full warranty.


Yes. Works fine. Good savings.

Ok good. It’s hard to ignore the savings and I like the fact that it’s directly from Flir.


Full warranty from FLIR. Buy it.

Coming from you John that says it all I guess.

Repair cost can get crazy real fast. Better to have full warranty.

I just got an i7 from FLIR refurbished. Perfect condition and saved 400 bucks. Go for it!

I just picked up one last night. They’re also running a promotion now.

Not quite the discount bargain that they used to be. Bought my first imager as a refurb (basically it was an unused demo unit with fresh calibration). Retail was $22,000 I got it for the LOW LOW price of about $11,000.

I believe that promotion is only applicable for “new” item purchases. I don’t see anything that indicates refurbs would be eligible. But if you find out otherwise, please let us know.


Yeah thats a crazy savings!! As far as the promotion i read it and it states that you have to purchase a “New” unit. I will ask them when i call tomorrow i will post the answer i get.


Ok I just hung up with Flir and the rep confirmed with me that refurbished models do qualify for the promotions. The only thing in my situation is I just got a really good quote from Tequipment on a E60bx and when you factor in the sales tax which Flir charges it comes out more than what I was quoted by Tequipment which is an authorized reseller/distributor. Has anyone ever dealt with them before?

I talked with them today about a camera and if they would honor a warranty on a new but discontinued model. They said they would give a one year warranty.

Ok I guess thats good, No? I spoke to a guy Peter. Sounded like a nice guy. I sent him a quote I got from a non authorized seller and he basically matched it.

Sounds like you’re in.

Super Nice and gave me more of a discount off the sale price when I told them I wanted to by my IR imager today that was 5 months ago. everything came just as promised on time etc. etc. I have bought from them in the past, always good.

Thanks for all the input. I think I am going to buy from Tequipment. They are an authorized dealer and the price is right. I am almost done with the Infraspection Home and building inspection course and will be continuing on to level 1 shortly.

Well I finally did it. I made a purchase. I bought the E60bx from Should be getting it sometime next week. Next step is to move on from the building and home inspector IR class to the level one class.


Good choice in capability in a workhorse form factor.