Regarding tonights NACHI CHICAGO meeting

First of all I would like to say thank you to both Brian and Greg from for their presentation of the services offerings they provide along with question and answer session afterwards .
Though the meeting was light and those of us there were anxious to see the Bears game they came through for the chapter.

*I just wish *to announce that their company is willing to let us know when they are in our neighborhoods to let us come out and see the details of how they condition crawlspaces ,so if you wish to meet with them on a job site just contact me and I will give you contact information.

Hey Bob,
Where did you get that stupid logo? It looks like one from my stupid logo collection

Perhaps if you showed up at a meeting once in a while you might learn something about the Home Inspection business Linus.
Looks like I may need to do like many other members and put you on the ignore list.

I hope for your sake your potential clients do not see any of your posts.

I couldn’t make it. I had 2 home inspections yesterday, practicing what I learned about the home inspection business. Maybe next time.

Looked really cool AND very expensive. In MY area I seldom see a crawlspace over 3’ AND often shorter. I can’t remember the last time I saw gravel or visqueen on the dirt / mud floor of a crawlspace.

Sounds great BUT can’t imagine the average person spending $$$$$ on something they can’t see. NOT the KC way.

So Church donations must be way down Dan.:shock:

You’re probably right.