Register vent opening in garage

Inspecting a nice 7500 sq ft home built in 2008. Is having a HVAC register vent in a garage acceptable ?? and same house had a basement garage or what I call a walk out garage with no sheetrock on the ceiling (master bathroom above this garage)and it also had a HVAC register vent in it. What would you recommend (I think the building standards would say you need sheetrock and no openings in garage)

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Supply vent in garage. This may allow harmful exhaust fumes from automobiles to enter the duct work and be discharged into the living area. Recommend removal.

…and the above bolded, typically, needs a fire separation.

You are right on both accounts. A fire separation with no HVAC openings is the current standard. I would definitely recommend corrective action.

No good, it also causes a low pressure system in the house.