Is there any requirement that supply registers have to be adjustable?

This is the only requirement for adjustment that I am aware of…

That’s a funny looking register.:wink:

The home owner installed grills instead of a register that you can adjust the louvers with the lever. I don’t have a problem with it just not your typical installation. Curious to see if there are any requirements.


No, but the installation of proper supply registers is often misunderstood. Many registers are not put in the proper location and do not provde the proper “throw” and “drop” required to heat/cool the room.

Yes and no.

If a branch run has a damper in it an no adjustable register is fine. But if a branch run lacks a damper, the register must have a means of adjustment to satisfy the IMC.

I bet that was purchased at the HVAC store.

So I’d dare to guess it’s OK to use, no?

Please post that one for us if you would…