Regulatory Measures for Home Inspectors

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With great interest, I reviewed NAHI and ASHI statements on regulatory measures for home inspectors. As an individual without a vested interest in either of these organizations, I found ASHI is attempting to monopolize the HI industry. What they are essentially attempting is to sway legislation to meet their membership requirements. And in the process bring their Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI) with them at $195 a test–don?t forget $35 to take a practice test?with them. Tell me that?s not a conflict of interest for a ?non-profit? organization.

My only problem with the NAHI is that they want a 250 paid inspection requirement for states to issue a license (a requirement also endorsed by ASHI). This essentially creates a barrier to entry for any entrepreneur to break into the field. How do you get 250 paid inspections without a license to meet the requirement? Thankfully, that if I choose to start a business or obtain a franchise, I reside in Washington state where regulatory measures and licensing is not yet mandated.

Please don?t infer that I believe regulatory measures are unnecessary, but we live in a free market society where everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity. Government intervention is only required when the welfare of the stakeholders is at risk. There is no issue for a lawyer to pass a bar examination to practice law without representing 250 paying clients.

Presently, my career with the US Army is quickly nearing completion, leading me to explore the possibilities in the Home Inspection field as a follow on career. This process required examining the certification requirements and the ultimate discovery of this website. To evaluate my potential, I completed the NACHI online evaluation and passed on the first attempt. Prior to joining the Army I spent several years in new house construction and maintained an interest in residential construction, associated problems and avid DIY.

So if there is any seasoned home inspectors in the Seattle/Tacoma interested in mentoring, send me an email. I work cheap ![icon_lol.gif](upload://zEgbBCXRskkCTwEux7Bi20ZySza.gif) .

Thanks for letting me vent

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Is it true that you have to be affiliated with a pest control operator or have a pest control operators license to perform home inspections in Washington?

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Washing State requires a Structural Pest Inspector (SPI) license for anyone inspecting for or reporting on any of the following conditions:

?soil in direct contact with wood

?wooden or other conducive debris under or near the structure

?water in a structure from poor drainage or a plumbing leak

?failed caulk or grout at water splash areas

?inadequate clearances commonly found in a crawl space

?restricted or failing gutter systems

?inadequate ventilation causing excessive moisture in wood

?vegetation in contact with the structure

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Guys -

I still find licensing of HI's to be a relatively funny issue. I live on the Missouri / Kansas State Line and neither of them has a State Law to license builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers, contractors, etc. In over 2/3 of the counties in each state they don't have mandatory building codes or code inspections. In most parts of either state if you want to build a house and you can get a loan, you're a builder. If you want to roof houses or build a foundation and have the tools - you're a contractor.

Under those auspices why would any half way sane person feel licensing of Home Inspectors is a vitally needed type of legislation??

I keep hearing the comment, "Its Inevitable". Well guess what - so is dying but I'm in no great hurry to win that race. Every state joined the Union at some point in time but some states were 50+ years behind other states. Having done HI's full time since 1984 and part time since 1976, I know in my heart that if 1 very specific National HI Association had not tried to rule the industry and left well enough alone about 5 years ago, we wouldn't have the situation many of us are in today.

Dan Bowers

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You are 110% right.
ASHI has come up with this scam in order to control the HI industry. ASHI has paid many $$$$ to the powers to be.

Licensing the HIs is = to keeping out the compitition. You see Dan, HI is some what unique in that a person can perform HI part time.
CA, Texas, CT all know that if you do not keep the part timers out of the BIZ then the FULL timers are screwed out of $$$.