Reinspection article

Dennis how far away are you from getting NACHI management totally legit and we can start doing the stuff under you?..week. month, year. I am sick of signing my piece of crap wind mits John Shishilla. I want to start using my own name.

The reinspects still need to be done by entities other than HI’s — unless i missed an announcement. Assuming I didn’t miss anything, How can we get the HI’s approved to do the reinspections. Is someone currently lobbying for this, or are we just waiting for the law to catch up with already implemented proceedures, as was the case with HI’s and Retail wind mits.

ty Dennis Q…or if a Home Inspector does them can he send them to a GC and have them “verify” the info and then send them on? Is there a way to shall we say “legally” manuever a way to get them done in the mean time?

Not at the moment to my knowledge. In the past an EMPLOYEE of a GC could do Retail wind mits and the GC could sign off. This is not the case with the reinspection program. They specifically cross that option off. In my opinion it will not be too long before the HI’s will be allowed to take part in the reinspections

Hey Russell,
I have asked Dennis B. that same question several times by PM never got an answer. My last PM message to him was to offer my team of people to get this thing going or if he needed any help or support. I have GC’s, Licensed Roofer, Licensed Architects and Structural Engineers that work with me and support me 100%. I hope if this Nachi Management things offers better customer service in the Future…

sorry jose. we havent started yet. i will call u


Let me know exactly what you need! I may be able to help; I have good people with me. If they don’t know the answer they know where to look and they are all fully licensed and insured professional and serious older guys…

It was a Pleasure talking to you this morning Dennis B., I look forward to working together and helping out in whatever way we can. Thank you

You as well. For anyone else that is interested and wondering what the gig is, As soon as we go live, everyone will get notified. We we also have a dedicated customer service line.