reinspection company and your pay

Let me first say I am not here to say anything bad about any particular company. But it has been brought to my attention that they have been modifying your reports without your authorization and charging you for this. If you work in the program protect yourself and ask for a payroll reconciliation and if you agree have them sign off on it. If you are working under your contractors license you have protections under the contractors law.

Preston, let me get this right, it seems I am confused. The form that you as a General Contractor signed has been modified without your consent. Is that not against the law or something? How can someone alter a form you copmpleted and signed as correct? Tell me your joking…

Russ, you are hearing it correctly. I had an owner of one of these companies contact me and ask for a private meeting to discuss, and he has now canceled that meeting so I cannot post for sure why they might do something that may be illegal. I also wonder how Citizens will deal with this.

Have you formally made a complaint against this company with Citizens? This not only sounds illegal but unethical. Sounds as if someone has some “splaining to do Lucy”…

Citizens has nothing to do with it…yet.
It is out and out fraud and has been going on since the mysafe home program was started.

I wish you luck in what I think you are trying to accomplish, but be forewarned, the can of worms you might be opening is very large.

Right now I am looking for answers and for the Inspector to be protected both financially and professionally. It appears that this may only be happening with one company but I cant be sure. It also is strange that a report can be modified without the inspectors’ knowledge and it appears Citizens may not be aware. I cannot speculate but unfortunately there are no answers being giving. All I can say is that if you are in the program ask for a payroll reconciliation to see if there are charges to you for rejections and modifications that you are unaware of. If they are not charging you or modifying Great! Have them sign off on that and move on. But do understand these things are happening so get informed and protect yourself.

WOW! I’m amazed :shock:
One these companies one requested a copy of a friends digital signature.
I could only imagine what they would do with it.

Good luck getting that info. We gave up on the program a while ago for the same reasons.

Thanks, It appears they think no body will come after them. I personally know that there are attorneys on the sidelines putting together a case and have numerous inspector already signing up.

My goal is to see it run properly. It seems to me this activity can do harm to the entire program. Give me a call if you have some time.

Was a time when daily I’d receive a solicitation to become a reinspector, recently those requests have stopped, I can only assume that things must be going swimmingly for ID.

I spoke with 2 inspectors on Tuesday that are concerned about their pay. One was told that they should pay $7 an inspection to not receive any rejections. When the inspector replied “I only get 1 in 50 rejected” ID replied "we have been modifying your reports all along and you will be assessed a fee for that. "

I have been trying to get someone from ID to speak to me about thousands of dollars in charges that appeared when I asked for a release. No one is available to talk to. I even call the owner of the company on his cell phone just about everyday and have to leave a VM.

Protect yourself if you are an inspector. Don’t think it is not happening to you. I can’t believe Citizens is not looking into this.

Why would Citizens care? They don’t even care about their paying customers! They are and have been in bed together for quite some time. Until the next scam comes up, those that are working for ID will just have to take what they can get.

After being part of this program I can tell you that Citizens requires lots of extra information when the reinspector downgrades a rating. I have spoken with people at Citizens and have found them to care about the policy holder.

The things under question are actions specifically by Inspection Depot. I have called them just about everyday for 4 weeks with little responce. They claimed the modified a large amount of my reports without me knowing and that they charge a fee for that. They backcharged me thousands. The company owner does not return my calls…

So they changed your inspection without your knowledge, with your signature and your license number!?

What is the word for that John? :slight_smile:

Preston, can you please send me your license number and signature. I have an idea for a “Get All Your Credits” wind mitigation service. At least I wont charge you for the changes I make.

That is a joke for the record.

Oh, now you want a piece of my market! joking of course!

There is an attorney working to help inspections. If you are waiting a long time to get paid, getting charged rejections, need a release to go work for another reinspection company or any other problems, he would like to speak to you right away. You may be able to recover interest and damages as well.

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